Happy Holi – The Festival of colors & Joy

winds are coming in and winter begins to the country into the bright days of summer.

A feeling of plenty is in the air with the crops cut, and the farmer enjoying a bountiful of harvest.

        ‘Holi’ falls on the full moon, in the month of Phalgun, which spans the end of February and the beginning of March on the Gregorian calendar.

A time when spring is in the air. in the air This year (2011) Holi falls on 20th March 2011

History of Holi The Legend of King Hiranyakashipu is associated with the festival Holi. This legend signifies the victory of good over evil, of devotion surpassing ambition.

Earthquake and tsunami hit Japan

Japan’s most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami Cars, ships and buildings were swept away by a wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude tremor, which struck about 400km(250 miles) north-east of Tokyo Officials say at least 350 people are dead and 500 missing, but it is feared the final death toll will be much higher