Monthly Archives: July 2011

Okay lets again start..

Not able to sleep… Really very upset. You can judge others and comment on thier good and bad things but when you judge ur self … Its dificult to face your own face. I dint write my lovely diary since last 15 Days only due to this fear. What excuse should i givd to me when i know i am culprit and i am judge too. This situation really makes me flash. Become just robot keep every enternal feeling side or supress that all. Alwasys i try to make my self a self moticated Ikon who care and learn everythings not by force but by motivation of being the best.
But some time noooo.. Always after a time limit my train derail and lost the track  no always it happen and again and again i get up after some time… But life is not that much long so very few time i have remaining to prove to my self that i can.. I can defeat my procastinating behViour becouse behind all failure only this is the only reason.
Okay lets again start..